Click here to watch Ben Sherman Training

Develop a system for creating dynamic, interactive trainings retail employees. Revamp the existing training for Ben Sherman as the template.
Target Audience: Retail employees with limited access to the internet while at work.
Most important goal: Interactivity. Create scenarios where the user can interact with the training even though it is not software.

View a sample of the final product

Step 1: Collect Existing Material
Excerpt from 20 slide PowerPoint file
b. Excerpt from 30 slide PowerPoint file
c. Sample document from client website

Step 2: Research
Research Ben Sherman
b. Research Mod Culture

Step 3: Create an outline
a. Determined the training should be broken into 4 modules
Define the three modules.

Step 4: Explore a look and feel
Ben Sherman Photos from the web
b. Take photos at a Ben Sherman location
c. Create backdrop

Step 5: Storyboards and scripts
Script for Module 1 Video
b. Storyboard and script modules 2-4
See Module 3 storyboard and script here.

Step 6: Module 1- the "pump up" and "get psyched about Ben Sherman" video
a. Find and hire voice talent
b. Hire
Whitetree to create the introduction video
Present Module 1 to the client

Step 7: Complete Modules 2-4
a. Use Adobe Flash to create
videos and interactions.
b. Use Adobe Soundbooth to edit audio and add music
c. Use Photoshop to create graphics and enhance photos.

Step 8. Create a
short version for client (and myself) to use for demonstrations.